New Pet Grooming Clients

Register as a New Client

Please complete your pet grooming registration on our pet grooming reservation website (Booker).  Here we ask that you provide us with some basic information about you and your pets. 

Select Your Service Tier and Type

Please choose the appropriate service based on your dog's breed and the service type desired.  Our three service offerings are, in order of price, Splash 'n' Dazzle, Neatened and Polished, and Red Carpet Spa Service.  Our service pricing is breed-specific, so you will need to identify which tier your breed belongs to to get an accurate service price.

Sign a Service Agreement

We require a spa grooming service agreement to be signed either before the appointment date or on the day of your appointment.  We require you to use our online agreements and vaccination upload page to limit person-to-person contact.  Once you have completed the agreement, your appointment will be confirmed.

Please note that the prices quoted are starting prices only. Other factors, such as the condition of your pet's coat, may increase the groom price.  We offer a variety of add-on services as well, such as anal gland expression, which are not included in the groom base price.

Our Pet Grooming Services

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