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Spa Styling Pricing


Splash 'n' Dazzle

Extra-Small (XS): $60

Small (S): $70

Medium (M): $80

Large (L): $90

Extra-Large (XL): $110

Neatened & Polished

Extra-Small (XS): $70

Small (S): $80

Medium (M): $90

Large (L): $100

Extra-Large (XL): $120

Red Carpet Service

Extra-Small (XS): $80

Small (S): $90

Medium (M): $100

Large (L): $110

Extra-Large (XL): $130

Please note that the prices quoted are starting prices only.  Other factors, such as the condition of your pet's coat, may increase the groom price.  We offer a variety of add-on services as well, such as anal gland expression, which are not included in the groom base price.

Purchase 3 grooms and get a 10% discount or purchase 6 grooms and receive 15% off your total price!


Grooms must be purchased as a package or 3 or 6 grooms.  Discount applies to base groom price.  Expires 6 months or one year after date of purchase.  Not transferable.  Add-on services are charged separately.

Cute Dog

Is your dog a "mudder"?  Take advantage of our newest offering, Bubbles & Barkley Bath Club!  Subscribe for unlimited baths for a low monthly fee!  Also, get 10% off all add-on services!


Speciality Packages  With any full service groom listed above

Filthy Beast                     

$ 29.95

  • Filthy Beast De-Shed, De-Tangle, and De-Matting Shampoo & Conditioner

  • De-Shedding Brush Out

  • Nail Filing

  • Filthy Beast Scent Spray

Brightest White

$ 14.95

  • Crystal Brite Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Blueberry Facial

  • Nail Filing

Allergy Care


  • Medicated Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Nail Filing

Allergy Care Plus

$ 24.95

  • Everything Under Alergy Care plus

  • CO2 Treatment

Add-Ons with Base Groom

A La Carte Add-Ons

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