Dachshund Love

Growing up, our family loved Dachshunds. We had two - both short-haired - named Otto and Deutschen. Yes, we had some German blood in our background which, I would imagine, has something to do with our affinity for the breed. Otto (pictured here) was my favorite, the only reason being that I received him as a birthday gift on my sixth birthday. I had asked for a train that year and was disappointed when I did not get one, but intrigued at the same time as Santa had left a note on the tree apologizing that he couldn't swing the train, but that he had brought "Otto" instead. "What's an 'Otto'?" I thought. Right about then, Deutschen, a beautiful red dachshund that we had had for a few years came running from the kitchen with "Otto" in tow.

Otto the Dachshund

Otto was my best buddy from when I was six through when I went off to college. He was with my through thick and thin. Often, he was my solace during difficult days. It has always been amazing to me that pets can be that friend in times of need that, sometimes, a human just can't be.

I would love to have another dachshund running around the house. Unfortunately for me we have a house full of chihuahuas. I say 'unfortunately', but I love those Chis as well.

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